Thursday, July 11, 2013

It comes and goes

Missing Ohio.

I've always said, no matter where I ended up in my life, that Ohio would be home. I grew up there. My love for birding started there. I have traveled the state for numerous things: dog shows, rabbit shows, and birding. I know it like the back of my hand. When I think of Ohio, I think of comfort. I think of being home.

Moving here is quite an adjustment. Luckily, as a birder... the opportunities for new birds and new adventures has helped to quell that lingering to go back home. It's helped me transition to a new place with new people and new experiences.

But the one thing missing down here that Ohio was able to give me was fellow birders. I'm not saying people aren't birding down here, because they are. However, the networking is definitely a far cry from the networking in Ohio. When I go to Wheeler, it's rare I run into someone birding. Mostly people fishing, horseback riding, or canoeing. I would love to meet other birders, but where are they?

So, even though I love the birding down here so far, it's lonely. Sometimes, I do like to bird by myself. It gives me a break, helps bring me clarity when I'm stressed or there's a lot on my mind. But, on the same token, I'm a pretty social person. I like to be able to share my experiences with others. I really enjoy the company of someone out in nature. Plus, birding always seems to be more productive when there's at least two sets of eyes looking for them.

So, I miss Ohio. I miss the birding, the places I knew like the back of my hand, I miss the birders. I miss my friends. Feeling a little homesick today.

This next week cannot approach quickly enough. I need a day out by myself in a new place with the potential for new birds. I need to once again celebrate the new path my life has taken.

Until next time.
Happy birding to all of you.


  1. Just saw your ALBIRDS post, and found your blog. There is a decent birding network here, but it's small and centered mostly around migration. Check out North Alabama Birding Society, and introduce yourself to Dwight Cooley (manager at Wheeler). I live over by Monte Sano, have only been to the sinks once, and don't really know the directions...I suspect you'll get a reply in the next couple of days. Beaverdam won't start to get really active until the Fall when the ducks and cranes show up.


  2. Thanks, Greg! I had come across NABS, and noticed there were no meetups for the summer months. I'm a year-round birder but I can understand with the heat down here why some people wouldn't be as apt to bird when it's hot.

    I was planning on heading to The Sinks tomorrow or Thursday, so I will try to figure my way over if I don't get any responses.