Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Staying Positive

It's official: I am cancelling my Big Year.

Many reasons, but mostly, the repairs to the van have not been as easy and cheap as I had hoped. I didn't have a ton of money saved, since this was a Big Year "on a whim"... so the van repairs have eaten through the savings. Ever since the wreck in Minnesota, things are going wrong.

So, this week repairs are finishing up. New tires, brakes, rotors, axle work, wheel bearings, radiator, and hopefully the front end damage can also be repaired, though that's just cosmetic.

This does not mean that all birding trips are suspended. I still have plans to travel a little this year to bird. It's just no longer a Big Year. I plan on tackling a Big Year in 2015 instead, with about twenty thousand saved, and the ability to go to Alaska (maybe twice!). Next year- it will also be an official ABA Big Year.

That all being said- I will still be updating the blog with plenty of birding trip information- and possibly more! Thank you all for reading and following. I wouldn't keep this all up if it wasn't for you!

Until next time....
Happy birding to all of you!


  1. Dang. To bad Amber. Maybe you will have an awesome year next year.

  2. Hope things turn out better next time Amber, "keep your chin up" as we Brits say, well, we're supposed to anyway.