Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Today marked the third day that I didn't actively look for any birds.

I am going through withdraws.

I tried to keep busy indoors, with the gloomy and rainy weather.... I cleaned up my house which I've neglected during this whole Big Year thing. Three hours and I feel like I only put a dent in it. Normally, you can eat off my floors, though not sure I would suggest such a thing right now.

Played with the young kidlets. Made cookies. Did all the house-wifely things I should be doing, if I wasn't a freakin' birding addict. If I wasn't going for a poor (wo)man's Big Year.

And still, I was twitching for something. Nothing new really comes into the yard anymore.... and I'd have to wait until nighttime to owl out in the woods out back. So, I get on my laptop, bring up eBird sightings for Alabama and see a sighting of a Northern Saw-whet Owl reported in Jackson County. The spot is a little over an hour away- near the Tennessee state line.

I need a Saw-whet.

It's dark now, and raining... and I still am fighting the urge to hop in my van and go find that tree. (Which would prove difficult at night)

Birding withdraws are rough. I need to get back to this Big Year thing. Being cooped up in a house is just not working out.

This weekend- chasing a possible Code 4 and Code 3 on the east coast with my new friends, Beth and Chad. Stay tuned.

Until next time....
Happy birding to all of you!

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